How I Appreciate The Telecommunications Industry

How I Appreciate The Telecommunications Industry

Ever since, I always look up to people who got to work in different places. That desire soon became a reality once I was assigned to a project that requires a lot of travel. It became a reality in the Telecommunications Industry.

Personally  I always wanted to travel. I want to be in places where I can appreciate life and the world as a whole. Little did I know that the profession and the industry that I was in would make these dream a reality. The Telecommunications Industry provides most professional these opportunity. You can travel specially when you are on the technical side of operation and assigned to be working on projects.

Traveling As A Project Engineer

As a Project Engineer, I was then a member of the project implementation team. I was to supervise the progress of the project. This is from equipment delivery, installation, testing, commissioning, integration and acceptance. At first I was hesitant. Its because I was not familiar with our sites and I am new in the workplace. Projects in the Telecommunications Industry will definitely require you to travel from time to time. Cell Sites are not just located in one place and eventually you are to visit them to check its status.

One of the things I enjoyed is that I get to traverse mountains where our relay stations are located. I also get to experience different weather conditions and terrains. And most of all, I get to appreciate the beauty of nature when we reached the top.

Official Business Travel With Pleasure

Aside from it, I get to know my colleagues assigned in different areas other than our main office. I found out how they handle things when network outages and different issues rise during project implementation. I also found out that being assigned other than the main office has its advantages and disadvantages.

Most of all when I travel and work in a place where a friends’ place is just nearby I always make it a point to visit them and stay in their place during the time being. This is what I like about the Telecommunications Industry it just fits my lifestyle.

Photo from Unsplash by: Jake Sloop