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Windows 10 Built-in Free Screen Recording Software

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October 24, 2017

Last December 2016 I purchase an HP Laptop with Windows 10 Home Edition and upgraded to Windows 10 Pro by February 2017. During those times I am not quite sure of the applications that came along with the Windows 10 Home Edition as well as applications in the Windows 10 Pro Edition.

And recently, I was thinking and researching for some screen capture software to buy or some open source version. I have looked up to Camtasia as well as CamStudio as the application that I would probably install or buy.

But I was still not convinced that those two software’s were the best choices. So I explored and wanted to see if there are applications that were already installed in my Windows 10 Pro. My reason is that, I want to save cost on purchasing Camtasia around $229 with the SnagIt Bundle. And save my computer some RAM by not installing additional software. And my usage and requirement for a screen capture software was not that heavy. A basic functionality will do.

Windows 10 Built-in Free Screen Recording Software

Then, I came across CyberLink PowerDirector and run the app to see some screen recording features available. I was not able to find the feature at first usage. And so I visited their website if there is indeed such features. Fortunately there exist one. I am not that sure if all Windows 10 editions came preinstalled with CyberLink PowerDirector. But knowing this greatly helped me in my search for a screen recording.

As an example, please check this video which I made using CyberLink PowerDirector. This video shows you how I paired my Toshiba Wireless Headset with my HP Laptop. You may comment on the video and tell me if CyberLink PowerDirector screen capture feature is a good alternative to Camtasia and other screen capture software with just the basic functionality of just recording your screen.

And as an added information, I also found out from Microsoft’s website that PowerPoint has also the screen recording features that you can use. I am currently using the Office 365 2016 version but I have never really tried it yet.

There is also the Xbox game capture feature that you can use as well as the Step Recorder which you can access in the Windows Accessories in the Start Menu.

I hope these information will help you on your quest to find the screen capture for Windows 10.


Photo from Unsplash by: Markus Spiske/www.temporausch.com


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