Increasing crimes and Social Media

Crimes and Social Media

One of the major issues that most countries are dealing with today is increasing crime level. The manner of which each crime was committed is also a great concern for everyone. This is because according to studies, crimes these days are becoming more violent. And one of its likely causes is Social Media or technology in general.

Because of the internet, social media was born. And along with it came cyber bullying. This situation usually makes an individual depressed. And eventually commits suicide because of posts about them that attack their self-esteem.

According to research, crimes related to social media are increasing. Cyber bullying and riots usually started with just a simple post on the platform. Aside from that, fake news, cyber attacks, child pornography are also crimes which we can relate to it.

Be Socially Responsible

In order to decrease and manage this issue, people should be more responsible when accepting information from social media. They should verify first if the information they are receiving is authentic or not. They should also learn how to control their emotions should they find some of the stories unpleasant. These actions will definitely not solve the issue, but it will help slow down its growth to a level where it can be controlled.