How to start an online freelancing business


Starting an online freelancing business might seem easy. But like starting any other type of business, you must follow steps if you want to succeed.

A study by University of Phoenix showed that people under 30 have a freelancing business. Or, are planning to start an online business. It’s becoming clear to everyone that the future of businesses is online. That is why people are doing all they can to be part of that future.

The question is, where do you start looking to build your online empire?

How do you get a good paying job working from home?

One thing to keep in mind when you start an online freelance business is that you need to first build your brand. Because, this is what will give you the edge.

So, how do you brand yourself? Branding yourself involves creating a clear narrative of what makes you different. This is what tells your clients why they should do business with you instead of your rivals.

These are the steps to start an online freelance business:

1. Determine your goals

This should be your first step. Because, without having a clearly defined goal, you will struggle to get your business on its feet.

When creating your goals, you should also ensure that they are measurable. As this way you will be able to know when you are making progress and when you are stuck.

Some questions to ask yourself include, are you going into business to earn extra money? Or, are you looking to become a full-time online freelancer?

Understand why you are going into online freelancing business. Because, it will enable you to position yourself for success.

2. Find a niche

After coming up with solid goals, the next step involves finding a niche.

Since there is no way of regulating prices, you will find people offering the same services at low rates. Avoid competing on price and start focusing on improving your quality. And, look for a more profitable niche; one which value quality.

3. Identify your target customers

To succeed in the online freelancing business, you will have to attract the right kind of clients.

It’s understandable to be ready to accept any client you find when you are planning to start your business. But, it’s better for you if have a clear idea of the type of clients you would like to work with.

Concentrating on a set of clients gives you a higher chance of getting referrals. This is also one of the fastest ways of building your reputation.

4. Start your own website

You can start an online freelancing business on Freelancer, Fiverr, and Upwork. But, you must consider building your own website.

One of the ways of creating your own website is by using website builders such as WordPress, Wix, Web, and Weebly.

Having your own website enables you to tell clients your story. Also, a website allows you to market yourself and your services.

5. Create your digital portfolio

After your website is up and running, the next step should be ensuring it has a digital portfolio. This will be a testament to your abilities to your clients.

The first impression is very important. That is why you should aim to have a high-quality portfolio on your website. Because, this is how your clients will be seeing you.

A good portfolio should have a show of your personality. And, your contact information. Also, it must have testimonials and examples of your past work.

6. Choose the right payment platform

If one of the purposes of freelancing business is to make money. Then you should be able to have a way of ensuring that the payments made by your clients get to you.

This is where online payment processors such as PayPal, Payoneer, and Skrill come in.

Payment platforms helps you get your money. Choose the one that is simple to use and available in your country.

Finally, to start an online freelance business means you need to prepare. Preparing means having the items on list first before applying for jobs. But, keep in mind that these things cannot guarantee your success. It can only increase your chances of landing a good paying home-based job.