Effects of Modern Technology in World Culture


Today’s technology is so useful that it changes our world at a rapid rate. And one of the most common technology that has the most impact on our lives is communication. Today’s communication technology really help us create a more simple world by making people closer to one another. But on the other side, some people believed that it is also destroying different cultures. And in my opinion, destroying cultures through communication is not an issue.

Effects of Modern Technology

The internet is really a good product of modern technology. It does not just gives us vast information easily, but it also helps us do things differently and efficiently. Social media on the other hand gives us the tool to communicate with almost anyone anywhere in the world. This helped create a world with no boundaries.

One of the drawbacks in modern technology is its ability to unite people. And people with the same views and perspective does not look at the impact on each individual culture. The effects of modern technology to different cultures is not a hindrance to its overall benefit to mankind. It can help bridge the gap regarding cultural differences.

As an individual who greatly use modern technology, I cannot see any major disadvantage is today’s communication that would cause people to panic. Today’s form of communication helps people from long distances feel that they are just near their loved ones. This is because of the internet and the use of different messaging applications.

In conclusion, modern technology is giving us more advantages through different communication channel. It makes our world a better place to live by helping solve different culture gaps.

Photo from Unsplash by: Quinten de Graaf