Tuesday, October 16, 2018

My Personal View on Disruptive Students

>Gray Caumeran Gray Caumeran
July 29, 2017

During my high school days I am always fascinated by so-called disruptive students. Because they seem to enjoy school so much and they don’t care much about the consequences of their actions or how their activities affect others. But I don’t think that they can really have a negative impact on others as well the need for them to taught separately.

Disruptive students should not viewed as bad ones. Because their actions might not be that pleasing to others, but they are still individuals. These students need to be examined why they are acting that way. Teachers and advisers should seek first to understand these students before they can propose actions that can change these students.

There must be deeper reasons why these students behave this way. And the more we know the reasons, the more we can help them effectively. Grouping them together and teaching them separately will not really change the way they behave. And it might even worsen their attitudes if teachers have not really taken a closer look at their underlying problems.

What Can We Do?

For me, the first thing that needs to be done by these students is through counseling. Some students behave this way because of the lack of attention that they are receiving at their homes and counseling will greatly help them express themselves and help us understand more their situation and design programs that would really address their issues.


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