5 Common Online Freelancing Works


One advantage of being a freelancer is the availability of these 5 common online freelancing works that can jump-start your career. If you are creative enough, there is no job that you cannot do as an online freelancer. This freedom is what makes online freelancing unique. Although there are some benefits that you will not enjoy such as paid holidays and sick leave, but, it’s worth every effort.

There are a lot of organizations all over the world looking for people with your skills to work at the comfort of their home and make good money while at it. All you have to do is to apply for the jobs that match your skills and you are good to go.

The following are common online freelancing works you can go for.

  • Sales and marketing

First, sales and marketing, it is one of the most common online freelancing works for those with sales and marketing skills. It might sound like an easy job, but it’s not, because it requires a lot of patience and good communication skills.

Also, this job involves a lot of interaction with customers. Hence, it requires someone who is persuasive and who will be able to communicate the right message to the clients. If you are such kind of a person, then this job can be very appealing you.

  • Writing

A huge percentage of online Filipino workers today are content writers and copywriters. This job requires dedication, patience and good writing skills. In addition, knowledge on the topics you are covering, and good communication skills is also required.

Another challenge faced by writers is that it takes some time before you get established. And, this is the period where many people usually give up on it. As a writer, you can be doing things such as writing for websites, blogs, and even articles for online publishers.

Moreover, you should keep in mind if you want to succeed in this career is that meeting all your deadlines is a must. A lot of clients take this very seriously and finishing your job on time shows them you are serious and you value them.

  • Web design and development

This is another common online freelancing work for freelancers with web design and development expertise. This job involves designing and creating codes for websites of your clients. Therefore, you need to how software development kits (SDK) such as. As a result, the sky is the limit for you as this type of job does not have a lot of competition.

  • Teaching and tutoring

Teaching is a very noble job and if you have a background in the profession. As a teacher, you can be an online freelancer and can change the lives of others. The good thing about tutoring and teaching online is that you are not limited by location. Thus, you can be able to have students from all over the world.

  • Game development

Game development is another great example of those common online freelancing works at your disposal if you have the required skills. It involves the creation of both offline and online games. But, this means that you must know how to work with various gaming software and development kits.


These five are the common online freelancing works you may not have realized. Unknowingly, already have the basic skills for these jobs. All you must do is to get started. And, to convince you, read our other article to give you more reasons to start online freelancing.

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