7 Benefits of having an online business for Filipinos


Some people are entrepreneurs by nature. Because, they have been doing business ever since they were young. If you fall into this category, then, the benefits of having an online business is not only fun but it’s also exciting.

But, for those who have not always been in business, starting your own business is scary. And very challenging, because there are a lot of unknowns. But, it’s one of the best decisions you can ever make.

There are a lot of benefits of being an entrepreneur. And, on of them being your own boss. Also, there is flexibility. Because you will choose your working hours. And, you will also have the freedom to pursue your own passion.

Advantages of using internet

Now, there are some things that you must consider before opening your business. Because a lot have changed. And, an example is online shopping.

The Internet has revolutionized our way of life and even though it has some negative impacts. But, the positive impacts outweigh the negatives by far. One of the clear positives is being able to start an online business.

The following are some of the benefits of having an online business as a business owner:

1. You have additional source of income for the family

Having a second income for the family is a blessing for Filipinos. The income from an online business can help pay debts. And, school fee for children.

Starting an online business will give you and your family financial security. Because this will give you extra monthly income.

And, having another source of income diversifies your income streams. This makes you more stable.

2. You become popular

People will admire you because of your efficiency. They want to know how you did it with less money. And, completing it in less time.

An example of being efficient is the use of a freelance billing software. This can simplify the systems of your business. And, help reduce interruptions in your startup. Which save both time and capital. This in return makes your business profitable.

3. You create something you can sell

Most of the time, you create content for your online business. This can be infographics, videos or articles. All these you can sell online. If not, there are many ways to monetize the content that you created.

Creativity is very important in business. This means if you are not creative, your business will be facing inevitable death. Successful companies we have today are big because they think outside the box.

This benefit of having an online business enables you to be creative. Because, you can design things on your own to help to strengthen your brand.
4. You can travel anywhere you want

An exciting reason for you to consider starting an online business is mobility. Offline businesses limit you completely because your business is in a fixed location. This will give you access to only a few customers.

Traditional businesses are also boring because they have no freedom of movement. The benefits of having an online business is the freedom to run your startup anywhere in the world.

This also enables you to reach out to as many customers as possible. Because your business is not limited to a single location.

5. You can save more

Utility Bills and monthly space rental are not present in an online business. And, there is no travel cost for conducting meetings because of chat applications. As a result, you can save more.

We all know the risks associated with handling money online. But there are many online payment platforms that make it easy and safe for you to transact your business. So, you don’t have to take the money to the bank yourself as this platform are already linked to your accounts. A good example of such platform is PayPal and Skrill.

6. You learn always

The Internet is always evolving. And, as an online business owner you also need to know the trends. Also, the latest technology in business.

Having an online business also mean continuous learning. Flexibility is a need in this venture. This is to help you survive in this business world.

This means that an online startup will not only make you more money. But, it will also give you more free time which you can use to come up with unique ideas for your business.

7. You help others have a better life

When you have an online business in the Philippines, you also help many people. Because, most content in an online business are informative. As a result, people would learn from you. And in return, it would help them create a better life.

Also, another advantage of an online business is that does not need an expert level of skill to get started. You will learn the aspects of the venture on the spot. Alison offers a free course about building an online business if you want to learn the basics.

What kind of online business to start?

The safest way of making extra money online is being a consultant. This is especially good for those who have some expertise in a certain field. Because, you can look for individuals who need your advice and who are willing to pay for your counsel.

Another way of making money online is by using Google AdSense. This is an advertising platform by Google. It enables you to make money by running advertisements on your website.

Online freelancing also gives opportunity for those in the art and music industry.

Before starting an online business in the Philippines

In contrast, one thing to keep in mind when looking to make money on the internet is that it is not simple. Because, just like any other business you will need to have patience. Do not expect to make money instantly because online business ventures take time to grow.

Some caution is also required because not all online businesses are legit. This is one of the drawbacks of using the internet to make money. Because there are a lot of people looking to make money the easy and illegal way.


The benefits of having an online business have an edge over offline businesses. You should always do business which satisfies you the most. Because this is the kind of business that gives you a good chance of succeeding.

An ideal business, whether online or offline should also not in any way put you at risk. Because such business would be illegal. And, would not benefit the society as a good business should.

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