Why Filipinos should become an Online Freelancer


Major advantages when you become an Online Filipino Freelancer

Freelancing is becoming more commonplace and workable across a variety of industries. DICT Undersecretary Mon Ibrahim said “We have over 1.5 million online freelancers in the Philippines.  If each freelancer were earning, let’s say, around five thousand pesos per month, then we’re talking about several billions of pesos circulating in the economy per month,” during PISCON 2018.

It takes dedication and can be a major lifestyle change. But, there are a ton of perks associated when you become an Online Filipino Freelancer. Flexibility being a big one.

Like anything, freelancing has its downsides too. Example is paying for your own health insurance. So, be sure to weigh everything before diving in.

What is a Freelancer?

A freelancer or freelance worker is a term used for a person who is self-employed. And, is not committed to an employer long-term.

Freelance workers are sometimes represented by a company. Or, a temporary agency that resells freelance labor to clients. Also, others work or use professional associations or websites to get work.

Freelancers offers their services for a fee. And, usually with no expectation of a permanent single client. Although, the working relationship can be on-going.

It is self-employment, like operating a home business. But, an online worker can work as a contractor, not like a home business owner.

Online Freelancing comes with its taste of good and bad. But, when it’s done right, it comes with great perks of freedom, money and peace of mind.

Why Freelancing?

When you think of going freelance, your first thoughts go on around the common fears. Let those go for a moment and give your brain some other kind of food for thought:

Why it’s awesome to be a freelancer? Freelancing comes with many benefits, and the best reason for is flexibility. But you do want to know what exactly goes into that, right?

These are some of the reasons to start freelancing:

  • It has independence over a traditional job.
  • You can start fast. The sooner you find a client, you get paid right away.
  • It generate extra income to pay off debt.
  • It is flexible. You can work part-time or during weekends.

What are the common online jobs Freelancers do?

Any kind of service provided to another business can be on a freelance basis. Some common freelance jobs include:

  • Social Media Manager
  • Writer
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Web Designer
  • Bookkeeper

There are many advantages of being an online freelancer in today’s world. File sharing and means of communication have paved the way for online jobs. Whether you’re a talented artist or someone who’s got a way with words.

There are so many opportunities that one can find in the online freelancing world. And, this can provide part-time income or even substitute for a full-time career.

Here are 3 advantages of becoming an Online Filipino Freelancer:

Choose your own hours, organize your own calendar:

Gone are the ‘nine to five’ days of working long, tedious hours. With online freelancing, you can a arrange a schedule to best suite your financial goals. And, working hours.

When you become an Online Filipino Freelancer, you get to choose when you want to work!

There are so many options with long term calendar arrangements, too. You’re able to schedule projects around important events. And, vacation trips that normal jobs wouldn’t allow.

With this freedom comes the ability to do more things. And, be able to feel a sense of control of your week, month, year, and life!

Flexible locations, work from anywhere:

Online freelancing requires a solid internet connection. You’re free to work at home, in a café, on a train, in a bar, or at your family reunion (the last one is not advised!). Bring your freelancing equipment anywhere and you’re good to go!

Online freelancers can explore new sights around the city. Or, return to a favorite spot for the ideal ambiance. Getting work done has never been so fun and versatile.

Freelancers even have the freedom to travel the world with specific career choice. And, not have to feel guilty about leaving work behind.

There are no limits in location when it comes to online freelancing. And, it’s especially ideal for those who get bored of repetitive places and spaces.

Opportunity to earn more income:

With a normal ‘nine to five’ job, one’s salary is somewhat capped at when you sign the contract. These jobs have designated hours and specific geographical locations. This keep you stuck in the same hamster wheel. Paired with this is the reality that one’s salary isn’t going to change much. And, there is little to no opportunity to earn more income with these kinds of jobs.

This may come as a sense of security and reassurance for some, but for others who long to earn more—it’s a dead-end.

With online freelancing, that glass ceiling doesn’t exist. And, you make what you earn (in hours and projects). If an online freelancer wishes to earn more, they have that opportunity to do so. By upping their game by searching for more jobs. And, targeting higher paying projects, and improving their time management skills.

The world is an online freelancer’s oyster when it comes to the ability to earn more. And, that’s the fun part of online freelancing. There is no limit to the potential of profit one can make on the internet.

Become an Online Filipino Freelancer

Today, online freelancing is a diverse system to find enjoyable and rewarding income.

There’s never been a better time in history to delve head first into the online freelancing career. With unlimited resources on the internet. And, pair it with plenty of free knowledge. Then, internet game has altered the way society perceives the workforce.

So, decide now to improve your life for the better. And, start your journey to become an Online Filipino Freelancer.

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