Are Mobile Phones Making People Socially Less Interactive?

Mobile Phones and Mobile Devices

Mobile phones and other similar devices are very common nowadays. And people are quite worried about its effects on social interaction. But I believe that there is nothing to worry about. As long as you use your mobile device responsibly.

Easier Communication

One of the primary reasons why I disagree that it makes an individual less social is that mobile phones particularly smartphones help us connect with people easily through social media. Most people having smartphones usually use social media to connect and interact with their friends and families specially with those who are away from them.

Another reason for my disagreement is that smartphones help us communicate. We can communicate easily whenever and wherever we are. As long as there is a signal coverage from our service provider. With it communicating in long distances and at different time zones will never be an issue. All because of the internet.

Although there are some reasons for agreement. Because sometimes mobile phones decreases the need for personal interaction. More and more people prefer to communicate online. Through their mobile phones and are very much comfortable doing it. But I believe this is just a minor drawback when compared to its benefits of improving our communication as a whole.

All in all, mobile phones may make some people socially less interactive but its overall benefits to the improvement of communication between individuals greatly helps us become more social and interactive individuals.