7 Important things that you need to start online freelancing


Freelancing might seem easy but in order for you to succeed in it, you will need to take it very seriously as it can be as hard as any other job if you don’t have the right tools. Apart from creating an elegant website with an outstanding portfolio, there are other things that you need to know for you to stand a chance of succeeding in this field. The following are some of the things you might need to start online freelancing:

1. An idea

This is where it all begins. Having an idea of what you want to do or what services or goods you would like to sell as an online freelancer should be your first step to creating a great online freelancing business. This is the stage where you should figure out not only what you are going to be selling, but also the things that will help set your business apart from those of your competitors. Online businesses are very competitive and this means that your goods and services must be unique to for you to be able to attract clients a new freelancer.

2. A great plan

Just like you would need to create a business plan when starting an offline business, you should do the same before becoming an online freelancer. The mistake many people usually do when venturing into online freelancing is to assume that since the business is now online, there are no procedures to be followed. They go into the online freelancing world without a plan whatsoever and they soon find themselves drowning and overwhelmed. Having a business plan before going into an online freelancing business allows you to be prepared for anything that might come your way.

3. A pricing structure

This is one of the most important things that you will need when starting online freelancing. One thing you will have to keep in mind when looking for a way of pricing your goods and services is that the price will be determined by many factors as freelancer rates are never fixed. Some of the factors to consider when determining your pricing structure include whether you will be charging per every project completed or you will be charging per hour. You should also consider how much you would get paid for the same amount of work offline as this will ensure you do not set your prices too high or too low.

4. Rainy day funds

Most people usually make the mistake of assuming that they will start online freelancing and earn money immediately and for most individuals, this does not happen. When you start an online freelancing business, you should be able to give yourself about three to six months before you can start making money. During this period you will be having some expenditures and this is why it’s important for you to have some funds set aside. Your savings will help you to avoid a fate suffered by a majority of people who start online freelancing without having some savings. Having some rainy day funds will help you to avoid throwing in the towel on your online freelancing career before its time.

5. A consumer base

If you would like to avoid having a dry spell after starting your online freelancing business, you should come up with your own list of clients you can do business with when you start freelancing. Planning ahead in such a manner helps to reduce the struggle associated with finding clients when you are a new freelancer. If any of the clients you have identified chooses to do business with you, it can be a huge game changer as you will be motivated, and you will have the money to support your business before it picks up completely.

6. Discipline

Without discipline, it’s nearly impossible for you to succeed as an online freelancer. This is something you simply cannot afford to compromise on if you want to succeed in this business. Even though freelancing is a very flexible job, a lot of discipline is required as you will have deadlines to meet and if you are unable to balance your time properly to make sure that everything is done on time, you will lose clients.

7. Persistence

There are a lot of amazing and inspiring online freelancing success stories but this field is not as rosy as those stories will make you imagine. When you become an online freelancer, you should know that you will without a doubt face hard times once in a while. This is why you should be an individual who will not give up and run at the first sign of trouble. Hard times are normal for any business but they usually don’t last long, soon things change giving your business a chance to recover.